Home School Agreement


Mission Statement: “We grow together as a Catholic Faith Community, as we follow and promote Gospel values in all we do. We grow together in wisdom, as we encourage each child to achieve their full potential, academically, spiritually and socially and in a spirit of confidence. We grow together in respect, friendship and responsibility, as we reach out to those in our wider community. "We Grow Together in God's Love.”


For pupils to achieve success at school it is important that parents, pupils and the school are able to work together, each party having an equally important part to play in the partnership.  In order that this partnership can work effectively each party must be supportive and committed to work in the best interest of all concerned. This Home-School Agreement has been produced for parents /carers, children and the staff of the school in fulfilling this partnership. This Agreement sets out to:

  • Provide clear expectations for each of the partners involved.

  • Show that parental involvement is highly valued and given a high status as an important factor in their child’s learning.

  • Give pupils responsibilities as well as rights and to feel some control over their contribution.

  • Set parameters for acceptable behaviour and gains greater commitment from pupils.


Parents/Carers Responsibilities are to:

  • Make sure their child attends regularly and arrive at school on time (8.50am).

  • Will notify the school why their child is absent from school.

  • Will show an interest in all that their child does at school.

  • Will make the school aware of any concerns that might affect their child’s work or behaviour.

  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines.

  • Support their child in homework and other opportunities for home learning, including listening to their child read each week.

  • Understand that the law states that family holidays must be taken during school holidays.

  • Attend Parents’ evenings to discuss their child’s progress.

  • As far as possible respond to letters sent from school.

  • Solving issues including Social Media: If a problem has arisen, please discuss it with school in the first instance.

  • Please inform school in writing if you DO NOT wish to allow your child to be photographed in school and used online (always without their name). We will assume that signing this agreement give us permission to do this.


Child’s Responsibilities are to follow our school rules:

  • Obey instructions given by all members of staff

  • Walk! Running causes accidents.

  • Be kind and polite to everyone.

  • Look after our school.

  • Always try to do my best.

  • Make sure letters go home to parents or guardians.


Staff Responsibilities are to:

  • Treat all children fairly and with respect.

  • Raise children’s self esteem and develop their full potential.

  • Provide a challenging, interesting and relevant curriculum.

  • Create a safe and pleasant environment, physically and emotionally.

  • Use rules and sanctions clearly and consistently.

  • Be a good role model.

  • Work with parents, informing them of their child’s progress through informal and formal meetings and annual written report.

  • Recognise that each child is an individual and be aware of their special needs.