St Anne's Rainbow Statements to Live By

Autumn 1- Week 2: We are all special.
Autumn 1- Week 3: I can say one good thing about myself.
Autumn 1- Week 4: I can say how I feel.
Autumn 1- Week 5: I can laugh and have fun.
Autumn 1- Week 6: I know what to do if I see somebody being hurt.
Autumn 1- Week 7: I understand that rights match responsibility. 
Autumn 1- Week 8: I try to stand up for myself and others.

Autumn 2- Week 1: I try to be just and fair.
Autumn 2- Week 2: I can tell you how I look after myself.
Autumn 2- Week 3: I think before I make choices that affect my health.
Autumn 2- Week 4: I can work, play, rest and pray each day.
Autumn 2- Week 5: Simple things can make us happy.
Autumn 2- Week 6: I try to love others as I love myself.
Autumn 2- Week 7: I try to follow our school and classroom rules.

Spring 1- Week 1: I know that I belong to a community that includes school.
Spring 1- Week 2: I know we are happiest when we are united.
Spring 1- Week 3: I listen to what you say. I show I am listening to you.
Spring 1- Week 4: I cooperate with others in work and play.
Spring 1- Week 5: I try to use words that make the world a better place.
Spring 1- Week 6: I try to appreciate the beauty.

Spring 2- Week 1: I  know it is OK for me to make mistakes.
Spring 2- Week 2: I can learn from my mistakes and failures.
Spring 2- Week 3: I try to keep going when things get difficult and not give up.
Spring 2- Week 4: I know what humility means.
Spring 2- Week 5: I know when to ask for help and who to ask for help from.
Spring 2- Week 6: I recognise comfortable and uncomfortable feelings.
Spring 2- Week 7: I know how to help other when they are in trouble.

Summer 1- Week 1: I understand what trust means.
Summer 1- Week 2: I try to forgive others when they hurt me.
Summer 1- Week 3: I try to accept forgiveness from others.
Summer 1- Week 4: I know how to say I am sorry.
Summer 1- Week 5: I understand the importance of peace.

Summer 2- Week 1: I know what human dignity means and I show that I respect others.
Summer 2- Week 2: I stand up for those who are being treated unfairly.
Summer 2- Week 3: I notice we are the same and we are different.
Summer 2- Week 4: I try to be accepting.